After losing everything she has to a cheating fiancé and an accidental house fire, Andi, a high fashion young woman, finds herself on the street with little but her most prized possessions – her beloved designer shoes and handbags. High on pride and down on her luck with no place to go, she sneaks into a storage facility for sanctuary and a place to sleep. Events lead to her quite literally falling into a job at the facility, which makes her secret of “squatting” there tricky to keep. A bit scatterbrained but quite observant, she soon realizes that all the employees at Tillie's Hollywood Storage and The Bar Next Door have secrets of their own, secrets that Andi slowly starts to uncover.

Combined with the eclectic cast of characters who work at Tillie’s and the intriguing bartender next door, Andi diligently works to piece her new life together as she maneuvers through the madness found at Tillie’s Hollywood Storage, where a true wonderland of diverse personalities bring their possessions – their "Stuff" – for safekeeping. And they all have different stories.


*Complete script and materials available upon request